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The staff at Piedmont Psychiatric Associates is proud to serve over 25,000 clients from all over the east coast, but primarily right here in the Piedmont.  As clinical director, I supervise all aspects of our small practice and enjoy working directly with our clients, many of whom have ongoing medical issues making their psychiatric needs just that much more critical.  Along with making an accurate diagnosis, I provide medication supervision and match the patient and their unique needs with  our team of specialists.  We have pulled together some of the finest clinicians in North Carolina.  Our staff has always utilized a closely united team approach where the psychotherapists, group therapists, marrage therapist, family therapist, child therapist, nurses,  physician assistants, and psychiatrists are all within arm's reach. We are client centered, maintaining strict quality guidelines, and we confer with each other about our clients every single day.  Eager to help new patients, which we accept daily, I still take more pleasure in saying "case closed and full recovery." This recovery process allows us time to continue taking new patients. I've always wondered why some do not take new patients when the goal in mental health is not just a response, but a full recovery. The great majority of our patients on medication, as part of treatment, are only on these medications for twelve to fifteen months. Some of our patients (around 20%) have more chronic needs. We are conservative with the use of all psychotropic medications and respect tradition, culture, the individual, the family, and the powers that hold us together in good times and not so good.

I've lived in the Winston-Salem area all my life except for my years away at school. Early in my education while working my way through college, then later medical school, internship and psychiatric residency, I learned two very important lessons, first ‘common things are common.' For example the sudden onset of increased heart rate, subjective anxiety, shortness of breath, fear of dying, and numb fingers is likely a panic attack, not likely an adrenal tumor (we evaluate both of course). The second and most important lesson learned is ‘If one simply listens to the patient very very carefully, he or she will actually tell you the diagnosis.' Sometimes the same question may be asked three or four different ways in order for us to hear the answer. We often gather records from other doctors, listen to family members, obtain lab studies, or complete a physical exam (all with appropriate consent) in order to hear the patient.  Knowing a diagnosis is only the first step in the journey to recovery.  Allow us to help you through this journey.  We strive to make prompt appointments and frequently, in crisis situations, will make arrangements for same day or next day service. We accept most insurance plans as well as Medicare.  Above all we strive to hear you.